Our packed-out September meeting was delighted to welcome Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies and Instant Networking and renowned speaker.

Stefan shared with us 4 main points to remember when we network

Grab People’s Attention
You can’t tell people everything about what you do in 60 seconds.  Your aim should be to grab people’s attention so that they want to find out more about you.  Do this by selecting certain parts of your business to talk about and focus on what people will want to buy rather than what you do.

Make sure you prepare what you are going to say ahead of time and make it applicable to the group you are talking to.  Write it down and try recording it (on your smartphone) to make sure you will keep within the allotted time.  Playing it back to yourself before the event helps you remember what you want to say.

It Doesn’t End There
After the networking meeting, keep in touch with people you have met through social media, e-mail newsletters and – still crucial – the telephone.  Don’t keep in touch by selling what you are offering – be genuinely interested in the people you met and what they do – help them if you can.  Stefan shared the analogy of DFS – everybody knows DFS sells sofas as we are constantly being reminded about the DFS sale.

Don’t Assume
It is easy to look at somebody’s badge and decide that they won’t be one of your customers – they are too small or do not fall into your customer group.  However, you never know who they are connected to or what role they may have in the future.

Remember as Stefan says “Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation”.

Stefan can be contacted at
Website: StefanThomas.biz
Tel: 01993 768292
Twitter: @NoRedBraces

There are lots of opportunities to talk to Stefan about this further.  He runs a monthly Networking Group, The Networking Retreat and I’m delighted to say, he has already signed up to come to our 2nd October meeting as a club member.