At the first FBBC meeting of 2018, we were lucky enough to have a presentation from Jack FM.  Amanda and Hamish, from Jack FM, talked to us about the benefits of local radio advertising.  Despite the long holiday break we had a very good turnout for our first meeting in 2018.

60 second round

We all gave our 60-second pitches covering a broad range of services: from finance and accountancy including weird and wonderful mortgage arrangements; marketing services; property maintenance; coaching; well-being including chiropractic services; and digital media training.  It is always amazing to hear about the broad range of services that are available to the Faringdon business community.

Presentation from Jack FM

It was fascinating to hear about the development of the Oxfordshire local radio station and how it’s three separate stations.  Each station focuses on particular music ‘markets’.  The statistics were very interesting with 90% of the UK population tuning into radio every week,  and Jack FM reaching 104,000 people.  We also heard how the future and development of ‘radio’ will be influenced by digital devices. Hamish and Amanda kindly answered questions from the floor. We discovered that that nearly 25% of broadcast time is given to advertising and that local radios is extremely effective for raising brand awareness. .

At our next meeting on 8 February 2018, we will be holding our ‘why you love your job’ activity giving everyone a couple of minutes to tell us in more depth about their passion or any issues they are facing.

Why Do You Love What You Do? The Floor is Yours for 2 Minutes